Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Juicer

Looking for an easy to clean, yet not so loud Juicer? Looking to juice kale, carrots (without even cutting), fruits and more? Looking for a juicer that does good both for veggies and fruits? Do you want to produce around 1 Liter of Mixed Juice in less than 5 minutes? Will this be your first juicer? Perfect for beginners. Looking for a small footprint? Looking for a juicer than won’t heat the juice? Don’t mind cutting the veggies/fruits before putting them inside the juicer? Do you even want to juice¬†wheat grass?

If you are lazy and don’t have time to cut/prepare the fruits and veggies, this one might not be for you. This one is not for lazy people. Don’t mind a slower machine/juicer?

This juicer is a vertical masticator juicer, not centrifugal. No need to use a pusher for this one. We all know that super cheap juicers require pushers.

Got auto-cleaning. Awesome!

This juicer is not made for traveling. It’s kinda heavy.


  1. Less foam than other juicers (such Breville).
  2. It juices fruits better than other juicers.
  3. Auto-cleaning.
  4. Big warranty – 10 years.
  5. Small Footprint.
  6. Quiet juicer – it’s not so loud as other juicers (such as Breville). Mostly because it’s a single auger juicer. They run at about 80 rpm, so that’s why they aren’t so loud.
  7. A giant/big brush included, so makes it easy to clean.
  8. You can put carrots inside without cutting, altough the opening is kinda small. Big apples for example need some cutting (in two), but that’s all!
  9. Super super easy to clean – some parts work in the dishwasher and it makes it easy to clean with its big brush.
  10. Keep more nutrients than some Breville Juicers (mostly because it’s not centrifugal, yet doesn’t work so fast like those).
  11. Incredible for weight loss.
  12. Doesn’t heat the juice like centrifugal juicers.
  13. 2 Filters – one for more pulp, one for less.
  14. Kinda small – so it takes less space on the Countertop.
  15. No need to push the veggies/fruits in the juicer like in other juicer models. Everything it’s sucked in.
  16. Beautiful design.
  1. if you want to save some money buy it from Bed Bath and Beyond or Macys, but be sure to sign up with them first and get their 15-20% off coupon. You will save a lot more this way than Amazon.


  1. The opening for the fruits and veggies is kinda small – you need some preparation/cutting before putting some big veggies inside. Breville models for example have a big big “mouth” that can take lots of veggies/fruits without cutting.
  2. It doesn’t have an enclose collection cup like Breville does.
  3. Takes more time to juice (because it’s a masticating juicer) than a Breville (Centrifugal type juicer).
  4. Not so easy to use. You can fit carrots super easy inside, but most fruits/veggies require cutting/preparation.
  5. It’s a heavy juicer.


If you want to replace your loud and messy juicer with a quiet and easy to clean, this is the one – Omega VRT350 Juicer.

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