Hamilton Beach Big Mouth 67650

It might not be a Breville Juicer, but this juicer is the #4 on Amazon Best Selling Juicer list for a good reason – a super cheap juicer and easy to clean.


  1. Easy to use/to clean – perfect for the price (just $59.38 on Amazon).
  2. Want a reliable, yet super super cheap juicer than won’t break your bank? You know Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is for you (yet best selling #4 on Amazon – if so many people bought it, it’s good!)
  3. Make young people/your children eat veggies – Buy this Hamilton Juicer and within minutes everyone will be happy, for cheap too!
  4. Very powerful for the price (again, under $60 juicer).
  5. Great Juicer for beginners.
  6. If you are looking to juice for a budget – buy this Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer. Not only you will get a lot of juice, but the pulp will be dry at the end. No need to spend hundreds of dollars if you can’t afford more. It’s also a massive machine.
  7. Looking for a a good juicer for the next couple of months/year? This one could be for you, or just to start your juicing “career”.
  8. BigĀ pulp reservoir – so you will empty it fewer times.
  9. Reliable/Good motor made to last.
  10. It can juice very easy veggies likeĀ Kale.
  11. Will help you lose weight if you drink your juice.


  1. Don’t let “cheap price” decide for you. Most quality products are more expensive. If you need a cheap, yet easy to use juicer – Hamilton Beach Big Mouth is the best.
  2. Creates mess. But most juicers do that.
  3. Super LOUD. No worry, most juicers are Loud, even $300+ juicers. But other than that is a pretty cool machine.
  4. No speed control. It might be harder to clean than more expensive juicers that can be cleaned/washed in the dishwasher.
  5. Not as good as a masticating juicer – you won’t get as much juice as masticating juicers, but those cost hundreds of dollars more.

Altough it might not seem so, this Juicer is just as good as $200 or $200+ juicers.

There is no need to buy a $300-400+ juicer if juicing is just a hobby. Do you think your juicer will last for year? Won’t you get bored? A $60 juicer like this one is perfect, probably the same as $200+ juicers. Let’s be serios, all the juicers, juice.

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