Champion Juicer G5-PG710

If you are here you are probably a heavy juicer, doing it daily. You need an expensive juicer with a lots of options. Right? Looking for a slow juicer?

Besides juicing, this one does peanut butter too (that’s a huge plus).

This is a masticating juicer – “chewing” the fruits/veggies. You don’t plan juicing a lot of leafy greens.


  1. Super Easy to clean – this one is a masticating juicer, so it won’t make much mess.
  2. Huge power.
  3. Works good for peanut butter/smoothies. Works great on weight loss.
  4. Easy to setup.
  5. Slow juicer. If you are looking for a slow juicer (won’t heat the juice), this juicer is for you. Keeps the nutrients and gets more juice.


  1. One thing I don’t like about it is the narrow feed tube. You need to cut mostly everything. If I am to pay $300 for a juicer, I want a narrow feed tube. But if you don’t mind cutting, read more “pro” about it.
  2. Seems to make a lot of foam with leafy greens. On the other side an Omega Juicer does well with leafy greens.

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