Breville BJE820XL Dual Disc Juicer

You know this is an expensive juicer (around $400). If you are looking to juice large amounts of fruits/veggies kinda quickly, this juicer might be for you. Works good for solid stuff (like fruits/veggies). If you want to keep more nutrients, yet making the juice slower, a masticating juicer might be your choice.

You don’t mind it being loud, but want to make juice super fast (this works extraordinary fast).

Looking to juice a lot and make some awesome smoothies at home? Then this one is for you.

Works good with carrots, leafy greens, strawberries (you need to change the speeds to juice everything).


  1. Strong motor.
  2. Powerful centrifugal juicer (1200 Watt).
  3. Huge performance.
  4. This one has 5 speeds – actually makes the difference from 2 speeds (its previous model – 800JEXL).
  5. You can overload this one with fruits/veggies and will juice like crazy (masticating juicers on another hand are slow and don’t need to be overload).
  6. HEAVY Machine.
  7. Big opening/feeder (bigger than 800JEXL).


  1. Kinda messy – mostly because it works at a super high speed and pushes a lot of air (you need to be careful, if not, it can get messy).

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