Breville BJE200XL Juicer – 700 Watt

Breville BJE200XL is the best juicer on the market (best selling on Amazon #1). The price is cheap, yet it juices well. It is loud. If you don’t mind that, that’s cool. All centrifugal juicers are loud (they work on super high speed).

Doesn’t have an external pulp container, but on another hand looks great/compact and easy to keep on the countertop without taking too much space.


  1. a lot cheaper than it’s “brother” Breville 800JEXL, but a good one too!
  2. easy to clean up.
  3. a good juicer to use/make juice and detox your colon. Recommended!
  4. most people say Breville Juicers are far more superior than Jack Lalanne’s Juicers (more speed/good design/more). Bored of cleaning your old Juicer? This new juicer is super easy to clean compared to other old models.
  5. quiet for such a big machine. Not making much noise.
  6. easy to assemble – easy to take apart.
  7. if you upgrade from an old juicer, you’ll be amazed on how fast this juicer works. Take little time to get the juice ready.
  8. you can’t beat the price and quality for this product. You have to admit – it works well for the price.


  1. some people say it’s hard to clean, while many others say it’s super easy to clean. Messy too – so powerful th
  2. some people say at the end of the juicing the pulp is kinda wet (so some juice left there too – comment if you have another opinion).
  3. the final juice is going to be a little bit airy.
  4. some reported problems with the noise/LOUD (have you got poblems with too much noise yet?)
  5. only one speed setting. But it doesn’t matter – it works well/fast with it.
  6. pulp area gets full fast. Not necessary a bad thing. It doesn’t have an external pulp container like newer models like (800JEXL or JE98XL or BJE510XL). If you juice a lot daily, this could be a “no”.


If you are looking for a better, yet more expensive juicer that won’t let so much pulp wet, try the new/latest Breville 800JEXL for just $299.


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