Breville 800JEXL Juicer Extractor – 1000 Watt

It is not a cheap juicer, but a good one. Do not worry, Do not spend weeks researching – Breville 800JEXL is the best juicer on the market. Perfect for SOLID Fruits and Veggies. Can do veggies + fruits (spinach + wheatgrass + cucumber + grapes + etc).

What I love the most about this juicer is the big opening. You can put lots of things inside, without cutting (up to 3 big carrots at once).

You aren’t looking for a quiet juicer, but a powerful one. Right? If cleaning is not for you, let me tell you that centrifugal juicers are little harder to clean than masticating juicers.

Not looking for a very big warranty. These models have 1-3 years warranty.


  1. probably one of the biggest pro’s of buying any type of juicer is losing weight.
  2. altough it’s a bit expensive, it won’t let lots of juice in the pulp (huge pro – comment your experience too!).
  3. easy to clean + easy to take apart – most people search for an easy to clean juicer.
  4. some parts of it can be put in the dishwasher for a faster cleaning.
  5. the motor is super super powerful – can juice mostly everything in seconds. Try it yourself!
  6. Big Pulp container attached. Easy to clean!
  7. the juicer is centrifugal type. It also has a combination with masticating – good juice extraction (little pulp left).
  8. has a lid that separates foam from the juice. Very cool!
  9. the opening for fruits/veggies is LARGE – very easy to put fruits/veggies inside. Just push everything inside the hole. You can even put apples inside with no cutting at all.
  10. solid juicer – so you don’t have to worry about.
  11. the design is beautiful – you will like it.
  12. the pulp will always come out super dry. No juice will be left inside.
  13. most people say it’s worth every Penny!!
  14. works good with leafy greens.
  15. You can juice wheat grass too. You can juice mostly everything.


  1. some people reported the fruits are not fully juiced (comment if you have any other reports).
  2. LOUD – it’s a centrifugal type, so it’s louder than other type of juicers. If you are looking for a quiet juicer, visit our quiet juicer category.
  3. Heats the juicer because it’s very fast. Low speed juicers (such as masticating juicers) don’t heat the juice so much.
  4. These are not so easy to clean like masticating juicers.
  5. Most Omega Juicers (masticating juicers) have 10-15 years warranty. This one has only 1-3+ years. Altough some prefer better warranty, the motor/how fast it is/features makes people buy this one rather than others.
In the end you will start drinking a lot more juice than coffee. Isn’t that cool?

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