Black & Decker JE2200B 400 Watt Juicer

Looking for an occasional juicer, yet super cheap juicer? Don’t cutting the fruits or veggies before juicing? Do you plan to juice kale?

Second, this juicer might not be for serious aka every day heavy juicers. This one is for 1-2 times a week juicers, occasional juicers, starters, etc. Mostly for people who want fresh juice, yet don’t want to spend a ton of the juicer itself.


  1. You can juice lots of stuff such as: kale, fruits and so on.
  2. Does a pretty good job for an inexpensive juicer.
  3. Easy to assemble – super easy, mostly because it has couple of pieces to put together.
  4. Compact juicer.
  5. Its blade is powerful.
  6. Perfect if you juice little per day.


  1. A little messy. You need to cut the fruits/veggies.
  2. No brush to clean it (more expensive juicers have more items, such as brushes or so).
  3. Cleaning is little complicated (and no, there are easy to clean juicers too – mostly masticating juicers, yet more expensive juicers).
  4. The food/fruits opening is super small. You even need to cut the carrots.
  5. Doesn’t work good on huge batches of veggies/fruits. That’s why there are more expensive juicers out there for heavy juicers.

Conclusion – it won’t do as much as a $200-300+ juicer, but it’s still a good juicer for the uber cheap price.

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